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Providing gold-standard, evidence-based and skilful healthcare is just our baseline. What sets us apart is our commitment, compassion and genuine care for every patient that walks through our doors. Our goal for you extends far beyond relieving your pain or problem – it’s about empowering you with the tools and knowledge to stay active, healthy and happy for a lifetime. Welcome to HK Podiatry.


You can expect from us...

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We stay with you every step along the way, adjusting your treatment to suit your needs and life.

Gold Standard Podiatry Care

We use proven, evidence-based treatments to help you get the best outcomes.

Forward-Planning For Your Long-term Health

We get to the root of the problem to help prevent it from recurring in the future.

Our patients love...

Late night & early morning appointments.

Longer initial appointment times.

HICAPS, Medicare & DVA claiming.
Male and female Podiatrists available.
Retail footwear available on site.

We work with...

Children (1-17 years old)


Active Men & Women

60 Plus

We offer...

Biomechanical Foot & Leg Assessment

A biomechanical assessment gives us the complete picture of what might be going wrong, and the best way to fix it.


Children’s Podiatry

From feet that turn inwards with unusual walking patterns, to growing pains as kids get older, we love helping kids stay active, healthy, happy and pain-free.


Cosmetic Nail Restoration

We can restore the appearance of damaged or unhealthy-looking nails in one appointment with our cosmetic nail restoration treatment.


Custom Foot Orthotics

We 3D-scan your feet to create superior orthotics to help with a variety of pains and injuries at the heels, arches, ankles, shins, knees and more.


Dry Needling

We help decrease your pain and improve your muscle and joint function by inserting very thin and sterile needles at specific areas in the feet and legs.


Ingrown Toenail Treatment

Whether it’s your first ingrown toenail or you’ve been getting them on and off for years, we have multiple solutions to alleviate your pain and help prevent it from coming back.


Pain & Injury Treatment

We have extensive international experience working with both professional athletes and weekend warriors to help them recover from injury and get back to being pain-free.


Shockwave Therapy

We utilise shockwave therapy for both acute and chronic injuries, helping to produce a healing response in the body.


Skin & Nail Care

From painful corns, calluses and cracked heels to long, thick and discoloured nails, we help you feel and look better from the first appointment.


Wart Treatment

Whether you’ve developed a wart for the first time or have had them on and off for years, we have a number of solutions for foot warts that are great for both kids and adults.

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