Cosmetic Nail Restoration

Cosmetic Nail Restoration

If you’re unhappy with the appearance of your toenails and it’s causing you to hide your toes under nail polish, shoes or socks, then cosmetic nail restoration is for you.

From fungal nail infections, to damage from dropping something heavy on your toenail, to the effects of conditions like psoriasis, there are many reasons why you may be unhappy with the appearance of your toenails. We see many patients coming in with discoloured, brittle and moth-eaten looking toenails that don’t wait to wait for them to grow out to look better. This is why we offer cosmetic nail restoration that improves the appearance of your nails significantly in one appointment.

Lifelong foot health.

We use a system called Keryflex to create a natural and healthy looking nail over your existing nail, to enhance its appearance as it grows out. Patients love it as the results are instant, but there are many other benefits:

  • It’s pain-free
  • Looks and feels natural
  • Nails bend with the natural movement of the toes (unlike acrylic nails)
  • Is suitable to be used during antifungal toenail treatment
  • Doesn’t cause any further damage to the nail or skin beneath
  • Doesn’t allow moisture to get in between the restored nail and original nail
  • Can be used with nail polishes, acetone and detergents without any harm

Keryflex is applied by our podiatrists following our strict safety, hygiene and sterilisation protocols. We equip you with the tools and knowledge to continue to care for your restored nails until they grow out. Keryflex can be applied to one or all of the toenails.

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