Ingrown Toenail Treatment

Ingrown Toenail Treatment

As ingrown toenails create a painful open wound when they penetrate the surrounding skin, they require effective and professional treatment to both alleviate the pain and stop them from coming back in the future.

Developing an ingrown toenail is an extremely painful and frustrating problem for all age groups, with many people suffering repeated ingrown toenails over years and even decades. They develop when part of the nail edge pierces the surrounding skin. Unfortunately, in most cases, the problem is self-inflicted from improper nail cutting techniques, poor footwear choices, and other personal factors.

To treat ingrown toenails, we either simply remove the small section of the offending nail, or we perform a minor surgical procedure to remove the painful edge and keep it gone permanently.

Simple nail edge removal.

If this is your first ingrown toenail, or our assessment shows that you are unlikely to suffer from an ingrown toenail again, we may perform a simple nail edge removal. This involves using our medical-grade and sterile podiatry tools to cut away the edge of the nail that has penetrated the skin, and so is responsible for your pain.

This does not require local anaesthesia (though is available on request), is quick and simple. You will notice some relief immediately – though it may take days for the swelling and redness to settle and the pain to go completely.

Partial nail avulsion (PNA) procedure.

A PNA is best suited for those who have had an ingrown toenail before, and so are likely to develop it again in the future. The biggest benefit of a PNA is that it offers permanent correction of the problem by destroying the nail growing cells down the small section of the problematic nail edge.

PNA’s are pain-free as they are performed under local anaesthetic in our clinic. While the total appointment time is approximately one hour, the surgical component is typically completed in less than 15 minutes. Most people feel minimal discomfort after the procedure, with some requiring pain-killers on the first evening at worst.

We use sterile dressings on your toe, complete two dressing changes with you in the first week to ensure it is healing well, and give you a take-home dressing pack to continue your care at home. It takes between 2-8 weeks for complete healing, and this usually depends on the severity of your ingrown toenail to begin with.

You do not need to take any additional time off work or school, aside from the rest of the day after your procedure to allow you to rest and elevate the foot.

Our guarantee.

Your satisfaction is our priority. If your ingrown nail returns within one year of completing the procedure, we will perform the procedure again free of charge.

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