Podiatry Services

We offer a full range of podiatry services and care with experienced and knowledgeable podiatrists.

At HK Podiatry, we accept all referrals – although a referral is not necessary to book your first appointment with us. Your first appointment is 40 minutes, and we’ll discuss any further care required during this time. If you have questions about any services that are not mentioned below, please contact us here.

Custom Foot Orthotics

We 3D-scan your feet to create superior orthotics to help with a variety of pains and injuries at the heels, arches, ankles, shins, knees and more.


Skin & Nail Care

From painful corns, calluses and cracked heels to long, thick and discoloured nails, we help you feel and look better in one 40-minute appointment.


Pain & Injury Treatment

We have extensive international experience working with both professional athletes and weekend warriors to help them recover from injury and get back to being pain-free.


Dry Needling

We help decrease your pain and improve your muscle and joint function by inserting very thin and sterile needles at specific areas in the feet and legs.


Ingrown Toenail Treatment

Whether it’s your first ingrown toenail or you’ve been getting them on and off for years, we have multiple solutions to alleviate your pain and prevent it from coming back.


Wart Treatment

We have a number of solutions for warts at the bottom of the feet that are great for both kids and adults.


Cosmetic Nail Restoration

We can restore the appearance of damaged or unhealthy-looking nails in one appointment with our cosmetic nail restoration treatment.


Children’s Podiatry

From feet that turn inwards with unusual walking patterns, to growing pains as kids get older, we love helping kids stay active, healthy, happy and pain-free.

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