Skin & Nail Care

Skin & Nail Care

Whether you have difficulty reaching your feet or want the confidence that your foot health is in the hands of the experts, we help patients stay comfortable and mobile on their feet by providing periodical skin and toenail care.

During a skin and nail care appointment, our trained podiatrists use medical-grade and sterile tools to:

  • Reduce your callus
  • Remove your corns
  • Treat plantar warts
  • Reduce hard, cracked heels
  • Trim toenails, regardless of how hard and thick they are
  • Reduce the thickness of your toenails
  • Start to manage ingrown toenails
  • Remove any superficial discolouration of the toenails
  • Clear the areas down the sides of the nails
  • File any rough nail and skin surfaces

More than the treatment we provide, we complete and document the overall condition of your feet, looking for any noticeable problems that you may not have picked up on – like Athlete’s foot or other infection, signs of poor circulation, a non-healing wound, and much more.

By identifying and treating problems early, we help to reduce your risk of further problems or complications. This is especially important if you have conditions like diabetes, where your feet have many risks of serious complications and one cut can mean a long-standing wound and infection. To read more about the risks with your feet and diabetes, click here.

Safe and sterile treatment.

With many salons heavily criticised for spreading fungal nail and skin infection due to using the same instruments without proper cleaning, as registered podiatrists, you can be sure that we maintain strict hygiene and sterilisation protocols at every appointment. Your health is our priority.

Lifelong foot health.

We believe that knowledge is power, which is why every skin and nail care appointment also focuses on equipping you with the information and tools to help you look after your feet at home and gain a better understanding of what is normal – and what is a problem. Bring along any questions and feel free to pick our brains – we’re always learning and upskilling – and we love sharing what we know!

Need professional, knowledgeable care for your feet?

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